Best Live Cricket App For Android/IOS In 2023

Hello my dear friend, I know you are finding the best Live Cricket App on which you can watch live cricket for free, there are so many applications available on internet which shows live cricket but I will tell you about the best live cricket app on which I have watched cricket for more than 8 years, so I have good experience with this app so that why I am suggesting you this app, so now lets know More about this app.

So first of all I want to tell you that do you that there are so many apps which are paid and provide you the best quality but for some reason you are not able to pay for that apps then you can try this app these are some examples of Live cricket app which are paid:

Live cricket TV hotstar

Live cricket HD

Sports live TV

PVT Sports Live

You can now watch live cricket on that apps but the difference between paid apps and non paid apps is you can watch live cricket with best quality and you do not even need to pay more data for watching cricket live, for example if you will watch live cricket on non paid apps then you need a wifi because if you are going to watch live cricket with your mobile data then you mobile data will not be enough to watch full cricket match means from the starting of match to an end.

Now you should also know about the permissions that non paid app will take from you to access that application so now first of all they will ask you for some basic permissions then they ask you for some strange permissions that can harm your mobile and can steal your data from your device and do you know that they even can control your mobile  but all live cricket streaming doesn't do this, so while giving permission to not verified application give some attention to read the permission.

Now these type of application are not always verified by google or are not always available on play store or app store because those type of apps are not developed by a company but by a individual who don't even give information about himself, and not even publish that apps on google play store. Now do you know that in market there are so many apps which will show you live cricket but now what you should do after knowing this so you should use that type of apps in that type of mobile in which you don't have important Data.

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