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Hello every one welcome in our new post which is about how you can play gta 5 in android mobile in just 300 MB i have already told you about this in how to run gta 5 in 1.7 GB and guys i have already shown you every thing in this video also if you want then you can go to this video and watch the full video for more information how to play GTA 5 In Mobile and if you have already watched that video than just read this whole article for getting proper information about how to play gta 5 in mobile, so now guys i want to tell you about my youtube channel which name is technical daddy and if you want than you can go on that channel and Subscribe It and support, so now guys i want to tell you that guys if you guys intrested in another game like minecraft than i have something for you.

So I want to tell you that i have also my second channel which name is Hello Man, and i have uploaded only one video on that youtube channel so now i want to tell you that if you are intrested in Minecraft game than you can watch this video How To Download Minecraft In Mobile For Free, and can get minecraft apk, so now guys i want to talk to you some important thing which is guys sometimes we face this type of problem like our brothers always touch our mobile and if they found any game in the mobile then they start playing the game by watching this i have made a good solution for you guys you can hide your apps and games by just watching this video How To Hide Apps & Games In Mobile i have tell everything in proper manner and i have show every steps by which you can hide you apps and game, so don't forget to watch that video.

And after this i want to tell that don't worry if you are facing any problem just go on this video and comment down the problem what you are facing, and i will reply that comment and guys do you all want to know about how you can download GTA Vice City Game in mobile than, You can watch this video How To Download GTA Vice In Android Mobile and guys don't worry about they apk can harm your device just don't worry about that everything because guys i am also playing the GTA Vice City in my personal mobile.

And guys if you want to get the OBB file of GTA 5 game then you can checkout this Link "OBB File For GTA 5" and the file size of this OBB file is approximately 100 MB and you can run this file in any mobile which have 2 GB RAM or 3 GB RAM but guys if you have the mobile which have below RAM than 2 GB then you have to find out the some another version of GTA 5 which you can run if your mobile, now guys let me tell you about the video which i have made before sometime and it is How To Hide Free Fire  and believe me guys many of the people was searching for it, i provided them this video and they really like this and comment that they are with me.

My friends do you know that i have also make a video on how you can unblock yourself on whatsapp if you want to share this post to your firends and you have remembered that your friend had blocked you than you can watch this video and unblock yourself and can share him/her this video, and this video will tell you that you should use your brain at everywhere and anyone can do different, so if you want to watch the video then just click on this title How To Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp, so guys don't forget to tell me that you are watching that video from this post by commenting in that video.

Guys do you want to know more about the app which is awesome, let me tell you that how this is awesome, so the app will provide you a paid apps in free of cost, and it's name is appvn and now guys some of you think that you can also get the paid apps & games in free with chrome browser but guys believe me that some of that apps are cracked and they can harm your device but if you get the apps from appvn than i can guarantee that the all apps and game are safe, How To Get The Paid Apss & Games Free, i can take guarantee because i am also using this app in my personal mobile.

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